May 6, 2019

Moving Timeline for Long Distance Moves

What do you do first for long distance moves? From packing up the house, moving in, and restocking your house, A-1 36th Street Self Storage has you covered. Our Kentwood MI storage location is just outside Grand Rapids MI which makes it easy for families moving to the area to find storage.

How can storage help during relocation? Unpack when you are ready. Store a few belongings with us and unpack as you go. Our storage is secure and available for rent online.

A Few Weeks Before

  1. Set a budget for moving! Setting a budget can help you spend within your means. Moving involves a lot of organization and a budget can help you stay on track.
  2. Notify the kid’s school, as well as your employer, the sooner the better for these. Start looking for reputable schools, and doctors offices, in the new neighborhood.
  3. Look for local moving companies to assist with your move. If traveling long distance make sure they are able to accommodate your move.
  4. Start packing and labeling all your boxes where they should go and what is inside.

The Week Of

  1. Confirm moving dates and addresses with your moving company.
  2. Schedule your mail to start forwarding the day of your move.
  3. Transfer or cancel utilities at your current house.
  4. Reserve a storage unit to make the move a little easier. Storage space goes a long way in long distance moves.

The Day Of

  1. Separate the boxes that need unpacked right away off to the side.
  2. Keep a path from the front door to boxes, open! This will make packing the moving truck easy.
  3. Do a final scan of your house before closing the door. Make sure everything is packed in the car or moving van and lock the door behind you.
  4. Take a deep breath, you are half way through your move.

A Week After

  1. Update your address with credit card companies and online accounts.
  2. Notify government offices within 10 days of your move so there is no disruption in benefits.
  3. Start building your dry good and canned items back up. After your move, a few holes may need filled. Use this checklist for easy shopping

Moving has a lot of steps to it and A-1 36th Street Self Storage can help you stay organized.Give us a call or rent your Kentwood MI storage unit online today.

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