April 8, 2019

College Storage Ideas for Summer Storing

Coming home from a long semester or heading up to campus for a summer session? Our Kentwood MI college storage ideas can be a storage solution you can use when looking for a short term rental. A-1 36th Street Self Storage has storage answers you need for your summer storage. College storage can be helpful when students need extra space for just a few months in the summer, or after graduation, while they figure out the next step to take.

A-1 36th Street Self Storage has temperature controlled storage units as well as drive up self storage. We want you to have the best storage options in Kentwood MI. Choose which storage unit is right for you with our storage calculator. Storing your dorm room supplies are easy when you have the extra space to keep everything organized.

College Storage Tips For Your Dorm Room

  1. Storing your mini fridge or air conditioner unit? Let these appliances come to room temperature before storing. Even if moving them to a temperature controlled storage unit, condensation can leak after they have been unplugged.
  2. Storing with a roommate can help you plan for next year’s apartment needs. Label all your boxes and see what supplies you will need next year.
  3. Before you head off campus, see if anyone taking the courses you just finished need the books. Selling to a student or selling online helps get extra cash back at the end of the year. Check out other tips to help when selling online with last month’s blog.
  4. Use a mattress cover when storing your box spring and mattress. This will keep dust and dirt off your mattress while in storage.
  5. Self storage after graduation can be helpful while you choose what the next steps are for you. Keep your dorm room supplies with us while you find your first apartment and dream job.

Summer storage in Kentwood MI helps our customers find a short term storage option for their belongings. Keep your gear safe all summer long with our Kentwood MI college storage.

A-1 36th Street Self Storage can help when you want to make your summer a little more organized. Talk with us today about storage solutions in Kentwood MI or rent online.

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