February 28, 2019

Home Storage And Small Space Saving Tips

Home Storage And Small Space Saving Tips

Planning to downsize this year? Maybe your home or apartment does not offer enough space, A-1 36th Street Self Storage is there to help. Our Kentwood MI home storage solutions can help you save space. Whether your home does not have closet space or your apartment is getting smaller as your family grows, our self storage units are a practical option.

Looking for car storage? Some apartments only have enough room for one vehicle, your drive way may not be big enough for the RV; this is when our Kentwood MI car storage spaces come in handy.

5 Home Storage Tips

  1. Self storage units are helpful while downsizing. Moving to a smaller house means making some edits, but you do not have to get rid of everything, move your belongings not headed to the new home to storage.
  2. College students need storage most during the school year since many dorm rooms do not offer enough. Our month- to-month leasing allows students to store as long as they need. Then after graduation, keep the storage unit as the new grads figure out where they plan to settle down.
  3. Expecting parents use storage to make room around the house and store extra supplies for the new baby.
  4. Preparing for the next house? Many customers want new items or do not currently have space in the apartment for a big dining room table and this is where storage can be helpful.
  5. Parking your car or RV is easy to do with A-1 36th Street Self Storage. Our outdoor parking spaces can be an easy solution for car storage.

Tired of small spaces feeling cramped? Our Kentwood MI home storage tips can help you make the most of your small spaces. Renters and home owners in need of extra space, can get started by renting with A-1 36th Street Self Storage.

If you are searching for the right home, check out Zillow or Trulia for both renting and owning. Whether moving into a bigger home or downsizing, our Kentwood MI home storage tips are here to help.

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