September 1, 2018

Top 6 RV Storage Tips

A-1 36th Street Self Storage has RV storage spaces and tips to get you ready for this winter. The upcoming season comes with chilly days and tough weather for the RV, boat and vehicles. Find the outdoor parking space you need at our Kentwood MI storage facility. We will give you the tips you need to prep for RV and vehicle storage.

Kentwood MI RV Storage

RV storage: Top 6 Tips for Winter

  • Plug pipes and openings with bronze wool. Critters want to escape from the winter chill, so close all openings in your RV.
  • Wheels should be chocked instead of using the brakes. After a season of cold days, your parking brake can get stuck.
  • After cleaning refrigerators and cabinets, leave them open to keep mold from growing.
  • During extended storage, add a stabilizer to gas tanks to prevent built up sediment from settling.
  • Close blinds and shades to keep light at a minimum. Sun rays can cause fabrics to fade and damage the interior of your RV.
  • Inflate wheels to the manufacturer’s recommended maximum psi. The exact number can be found on the side of the tire wall.

In Kentwood MI, storing your RV is part of preparing for winter. With A-1 36th Street Self Storage you will find secure RV storage and experts to guide you through your next storage rental. As you pack up the summer toys and make room in the garage for the snow blower, we have winter storage tips to help. Our Kentwood MI drive-up storage units make it fast and easy to drop off seasonal equipment.

Let A-1 36th Street Self Storage help you answer the question, “where is the closest RV storage near me?”

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