August 8, 2018

Self Storage Tips for Storing Outdoor Gear

Finding storage space for vehicles and summer accessories dose not have to be a challenge. At A-1 36th Street Self Storage we provide our customers with vehicle parking, self storage tips for every season, and secure Kentwood MI storage. While you keep enjoying the latest summer activities, we are gearing up for the next season and ready to help you!

Self storage tips for the end of summer

Self Storage Tips Kentwood MI

  • Fill boxes of pool toys with the heaviest items on the bottom. Stop in the office to pick up all the moving supplies you need.
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers, tillers etc. Flammable liquids are not permitted in your storage unit and should be disposed of before storing.
  • Wax can prevent moisture from harming wood or plastic patio furniture. Once a layer of wax has been applied use our dust covers to keep them looking like new in storage.
  • Shake as much sand out of beach toys and then cycle them through the washer before storing.
  • Inspect camping gear for extreme ware and tear. Replace anything that has become brittle or has holes.
  • When storing, the grill needs to be cleaned of all food and grease to avoid critters from finding their way into your storage unit. We take preventative pest control methods to keep your unit safe, this is the biggest way you can help.
  • Food should not be stored in a storage unit, so look in the cooler before closing the door.

No matter what reason you need to use storage, A-1 36th Street Self Storage has what you need. The drive up units make it easy for moving trucks to access and you to unload your boxes. Check out our temperature controlled storage units to keep the winter chill from causing damage to precious valuables. Stop in to talk or start renting online!

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