July 5, 2018

Business Storage Solutions: The Right Option for You?

What is the next step for your company? If you are growing rapidly or your product seems to be accumulating in preparation for your busy season, our business storage solutions, may be the right option. Storing extra supplies does not mean you need to rent a new commercial space, self storage is a space and money saving option.

Business Storage Solutions Kentwood MI

Business storage solutions

Online stores from Etsy have different needs then a store front would but we serve both! If your company works solely online, storage space is key to a productive day! When storing products, security and square footage is top on the list.

Contractors, need a safe location for tools and maybe even the work van? Our parking spaces can be the answer for parking your truck until the next project. Keep the spare van here while your team works hard on the latest job.

Even if your business does not fall into these categories, self storage is an answer for many companies. The benefits are endless and we keep your belongings our main concern. With self storage being at least 60% cheaper then renting a commercial spot, let us show you the way to organized work flow.

Benefits and more!

  • Deliveries accepted here
  • Moving supplies sold on site
  • Parking space available
  • 24 hour video recording

Make your next move one that will put you ahead of the competition. Business storage solutions at A-1 36th Street Self Storage are waiting to guide your promotional materials to safety while you get results.

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