April 1, 2018

Storage packing tips 101

We are spring cleaning this month, how can storage help while spring cleaning? Before you know it you will be outdoors enjoying the warm weather but to make sure you are relaxed A-1 36th Street Self Storage is getting ready with these storage packing tips. With our storage packing tips A-1 36th Street Self Storage has the Kentwood MI storage unit to protect your gear all year long. Even if you are looking for short term storage while you clean, our space is an easy solution.

Kentwood MI storage packing tips

  • Before sealing that sports equipment away, give everything a good cleaning. Release those odors then pack them away.
  • Avoid using plastic grocery bags as a means of storing, they will trap moisture in and possibly ruin what is inside.
  • Grab a few labels for the breakables so everyone helping sees which boxes need a little extra care.
  • Section off a few items that you think you will need if you are moving to a new house. Things like hand soap, napkins, towels etc. are very helpful to have at the ready.
  • Protect any glassware with bubble wrap or newsprint. Anything to help take away shaking while in transit to the facility is best.
  • Utilize all your space when moving. Dresser drawers are a prime location for fluffy pillows, blankets and sweaters.
  • Do not forget to purchase dust covers for your items in storage. The heavy duty plastic keeps unwanted dirt from messing up your furniture.
  • Put pallets down or another cover so your belongings do not soak up moisture from the floor.

After you moved into the new home or clear out your space, you can start planning for vacation. Let A-1 36th Street Self Storage be the solution for storing your winter belongings. Start with these tips before arriving at your storage unit to make an easy transition into spring.

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